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About Us

A2F-Associates is a group of independent consultants that have many years experience in the innovation sector. We have worked with numerous international organisations on their technology developments. Our personnel have worked with our clients to identify private and public sector financing opportunties that can support their continued R&D activities.
We provide support at all stages from determining where the finance opportunities may exist, to assessing the potential for securing funding, to executing the proposal to secure the funding.
For many technology development businesses securing private sector finance can be a significant challenge. However, by utilising public sector financing many companies are able to de-risk their technology development programmes sufficiently for private sector partners to consider investment.
Supporting our clients to access public and private sector finance for their innovative technology developments helps bring new ground breaking products to the market whether this is in the healthcare, energy, environmental or ICT markets.
Find out how we can help your business innovations by contacting us today.
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